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REPS! Magazine was started by Robert Kennedy with the premier issue released in January of 2006. Based on his reputation alone one had to assume that the same man that brought us MuscleMag thirty years ago would release another quality publication.

REPS! is a different kind of magazine. Instead of focusing on professional bodybuilders this magazine is for those of us who are not yet or may never be into competing. Although it teaches us about building muscle and losing fat there is a heavy emphasis on keeping a healty balance and staying proportioned. This magazine is about looking good and feeling good rather than stepping on stage.

The magazine just started taking subscriptions. You can visit the official site for more information and to order. We've read every issue and highly recommend it.

REPS! Magazine

The REPS! Mission

"Reps! is dedicated to the survival of the fittest. We believe in the regular use of progressive resistance training with weights, weight machines and cardio equipment.

Reps! principles are founded on building a lifestyle of clean eating and vigorous exercise to promote health, fitness, longevity, energy and physical excellence.

Reps! believes lean muscle is the hallmark of physical excellence. We are vehemently opposed to inactivity, obesity, gluttony, recreational drugs, tobacco and alcohol abuse.

The Reps! principles of excellence exist to nourish the synergy between the Body, Mind and Spirit.

You can count on Reps! to bring you the best in weight-training advice, nutritional news and fat-burning information every issue to help you build the best physique possible."

As Quoted From The Official REPS! Mag Web Site:

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